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wppi teachers training program title

N. Jane Tan's Teacher Training Program for the Well-Prepared Pianist is:

  • Specially designed for teachers

  • Series of twelve intensive monthly sessions.

  • Train....Retrain....Refresh

NEW! WPPI High School Program: Teaching the most popular concert pieces to high school students. Preparatory Level Certification required.

Private Lessons on the teaching, learning and honing of playing habits -- the basic tools of every pianist -- step-by-step from the first lesson until graduation into mid-advanced repertoire.


Teaching Classes with the extensive lecture demonstrations on the how's, what's, why's and when's of keyboard skills and musicianship -- the hallmarks of pianistic literacy.


Intensive pedagogy literature training which is directed towards a five-year piano program that grooms students for successful piano graduation.


Hands-On PianoTeams® experience in rehearsal and performance techniques of five-pianos and ten-hands ensemble performance.


Sit-in observation of master lessons to enhance teaching style, learn on-the-spot problem solving and witness application results.


"Find the right gestures, and the phrase will play itself." -- Cortot



The Five-Year Piano Program